Most brands targeting customers from Japan know that Japanese SEO (Search engine optimisation) is a significant component when looking to bring site traffic. Japan is a unique market and there are a few strategies that are specific to this appealing and large market.

In this article we will present a few ideas about Japanese Search engine optimisation, which will help you with accomplishing better website optimisation results.

  1. Use Latin characters for your URLs as opposed to Japanese characters.

You might believe it’s ideal to use Japanese characters, for example, kanji and katakana. In Japanese URLs however this is typically not the situation. Japanese language URLs frequently get switched over completely to numbers. We recommend using roman letters and the English spelling of Japanese words. It’s simpler to share via email or social media.

  1. Make use of local Japanese domains, for example, .jp or

Having a .jp or domain is a good idea, as it tends to be viewed as genuine and dependable. These domains are normally given to brands doing business in Japan, which is the reason they are viewed as reliable to the Japanese consumers. URLs that use Japanese characters can make things confusing when they are shared.

  1. Ensure your site has good Japanese UI and UX 

Having a site that is made for your Japanese audience is smart. Japanese people generally expect specific things on sites, for example, a broad FAQ segment and help section. Google likewise focuses on function over how great a site looks, so it’s smarter to zero in on what empowers you to rank higher in the web search results. Viewing a site according to the perspective of Japanese clients is useful and will help you get higher ranking

  1. Use free and paid Japanese Search engine optimisation tools

Routinely checking your site’s outcomes is huge when you are running a site, as the calculation and the contenders continue to change. You can utilise Google Search Console Tools, a free choice which permits you to see an outline of your site’s performance and areas for improvement. For more advanced optimisation we recommend SEMrush which works well with Japanese SEO, we have used this service and can confirm they perform well.

  1. Ensure your Japanese translation are correct

Many foreign run sites in Japan contain machine translated content that doesn’t sound very good. If you have to use Google translate make sure it’s looked at by a native Japanese speaker to make sure there are not any errors. Japanese business is often about trust and when there are numerous translation errors on a site it won’t seem reliable to customers.

  1. Use Japanese keywords

The Japanese language has three frameworks for writing Hiragana, katakana, and kanji. It’s essential to utilise a mix of these while composing content with the goal that you don’t miss catchphrases. 

  1. Increase your Japanese backlinks

At the point when you start your SEO in Japan, centre around getting backlinks from Japanese destinations to support your nearby links. You can make use of tools such as SEMRUSH to check which backlinks your rivals have.

  1. Make your Japanese site load rapidly

Nowadays viewers attention span is exceptionally short, so quick load times are a requirement. Eliminate any unneeded code bloat or images. Additionally, consider that numerous Japanese people browse on mobile, so focus on quick loading times.

  1. Tailor content for the Japanese market

While composing articles and content for your site, make certain to write in a way that a Japanese audience will understand. Articles that have a good amount of information sharing and tips are well liked in this market. Assuming you are a foreign organisation it’s possible to make content that differs from local Japanese organisations, this can make you stand apart from the crowd and rank on additional keywords..

  1. Yahoo Japan can be targeted via Google Web optimization methods 

The most famous web search tools in Japan are Google and Yahoo. Yahoo Japan uses Google’s search calculation methods, and this means doing Google based SEO techniques will cover 95% of your Japanese SEO.

Boosting you Japanese SEO

In spite of the fact that going into an exceptional market like Japan presents difficulties for many international organisations, with some guidance getting results can be simple. At JapanBoost we offer Japanese SEO and Japanese Content Marketing to many successful clients, if you would like some assistance then please reach out.